The warranty has a validity period of 30 days from the delivery date of the product. Any possible complaint should be reported to ModuDesigners by written notice within 15 days from the delivery of the goods and should enclose the control certificate that comes with every product. The warranty does not cover damages caused during the product transportation, which are at the carrier’s exclusive risk, unless otherwise agreed between ModuDesigners and the Customer. Within the warranty period, ModuDesigners commits itself to evaluate and carry out, at its sole expenses, every necessary intervention to eliminate potential manufacturing defects which could reduce the enjoyment of the product from either a functional or an aesthetic point of view. Such interventions of warranty will be carried out at the earliest convenience and in accordance with their own organization requirements. All services covered under warranty do not imply the renewal or the extension of said warranty. Once the warranty period for each product has expired, all expenses arising from repair or maintenance will be charged to the Customer. The present conditions of warranty are the only valid ones and, consequently, nobody has the authority to alter them nor to grant any variation, neither verbally or in writing. ModuDesigners will not acknowledge the validity of any agreement or grant making an exception to the current conditions of warranty, unless expressly authorized in writing by ModuDesigners General Management. ModuDesigners waives any liability for damages or injuries caused to persons, animals or goods, directly or indirectly, when such damages would result from the non-compliance of the rules contained in the instructions manual for installation, use and maintenance of the product.

Limitations and exclusions of warranty The warranty is meant to allow purchaser the enjoyment of the purchased good for the particular purpose it was designed for and within the physical limitations of the goods itself. Therefore, the warranty cannot cover improper use of the goods nor the maintenance of the features of goods beyond the physical limitations of the material the goods is made of. The warranty does not apply with regard to: – deterioration of products due to use (normal wear and tear of materials which are constantly subject to rubbing or abrasion) – faults or damages caused by improper installation and/or maintenance or repair carried out disregarding the cleaning and maintenance instructions and/or by staff non authorized by ModuDesigners – improper and/or incorrect use and tampering of products caused by negligence, carelessness, fraud or “mens rea” of behalf of the user – improper use resulting from exceeding ModuDesigners recommended product load-bearing capacity – superficial alterations such as color, shine, thickness, etc. due to wear and tear or to exposure to adverse light/atmospheric conditions – superficial alterations resulting from collisions, abrasions, frictions or contact with blunt instruments – superficial alterations such as color, shine, etc. and spotting due to improper substances or liquid deposits when the product is not openly resistant to such spots – superficial alterations such as color, shine, etc. and spotting due to the use of cleaning products which do not comply with ModuDesigners cleaning and maintenance instructions – storage or use of the product in environmental conditions which do not comply with the standards for which the product was designed, advised during the sale negotiation at Customer’s request – materials supplied or dictated by the Customer and/or alterations to the standard product required by the Customer – in the case of materials or components built into the product by expressed will of the Customer or supplied by the Customer himself, ModuDesigners waives any liability and maintains absolute discretion with regard to its own role of mediation with its suppliers – damages to the products caused by the underperformance at some stages of the supply ( transport, storage, assembly ) by staff non authorized by ModuDesigners and/ or carried out in a different manner from the instructions supplied by ModuDesigners – “Acts of God” or natural causes ( criminal attacks, war, public security force/special troops interventions, natural disasters, movements in the building, etc. ). The warranty does not apply with regard to the following features, which are to be considered natural and not as a lack of quality of the goods or a defect of product: – appearance alterations in natural materials – slight alterations in color, texture and structure among different parts of natural materials used throughout for the same product – slight alterations in the grain and structure of the wood veneer or presence of the natural typical spots – creases or differently pigmented areas, naturally occurring in leather finishes – grains, small gaps or cracks, presence of the spots typically found in natural stones – slight alterations of the color of the fabrics – imperfect match to the features in color, grain, pigment, etc., of the materials used in the products from the samples in the pattern-cards of the manufacturers, which are to be understood for general reference only – imperfect match in color, grain, pigment, etc., among products supplied at subsequent stages, or in parts of product replacements at subsequent stages – alterations in color of products or their parts under exposure to direct sunlight.

Characteristics, cleaning and care instructions The regular and correct cleaning of the product is an important factor that could determine its longevity. It is strongly recommended to follow the instructions of the producer about the methods and the materials for the regular cleaning operations. In order to avoid damaging the surface finishes, some care should be taken while cleaning. In general, using abrasive materials or aggressive cleaning fluid that could damage the product should be avoided. While cleaning flat surfaces, the movement of the cloth should be horizontal or vertical; for wood parts, if possible, it should be parallel to the grain of the wood. Circular movements should be avoided as the grinding force could concentrate on a single point and halos or surface marks could appear. Before cleaning with non-tested products, we suggest making a test on a limited and hidden area. The cleaning cloths in micro-fibre commercially available, when used following the direction given by the producer, are suitable for the vast majority of the materials.

Wood Naturally finished wood is particularly delicate and subject to chromatic alterations due to the natural process of the aging of the wood. Stains may be used to give coloring/whitening effect, in order to change the tone of the wood. The painting of parts covered in milled wood, or solid wood, is meant to prevent the natural aging of the wood, protect from dust and dirt and make the surface water resistant enough to be cleaned during the whole life of the product. A rule for cleaning wood surfaces always to be followed is to avoid the use of spray and chemical products. Use a damp cloth instead or moisten the cloth in soapy water ( a small amount of neutral soap ). Wring out the cloth and rinse and dry all the surfaces. Use liquid soaps moderately as an excessive use could lead to leakages between the panel and the edge, causing bulges in the panel. Avoid the use of alkaline or abrasive detergents, soda or solvents, bleach or acetone, pumice, wire wool, rags with a rough surface or various abrasives. Avoid the use of furniture polish or wax. If needed, before cleaning the whole surface, we suggest making a test on a limited and hidden area in order to make sure that the cleaning product wouldn’t cause any damage to the finish or alteration to the color or the opacity of the product.

Fabric Regular cleaning is important in order to keep the upholstery looking its best and to prolong its life. Dust and dirt wear the textile and also reduce its fire-retardant properties. For ordinary cleaning vacuum frequently, ideally every week. Remove non greasy stains by carefully dabbing with a lint-free cloth or a wrung out sponge, previously soaked in soapy water ( 1/4 soap flakes to 1 litre of hot water; leave to cool before use ). Afterwards, dab the surface with clean, lukewarm water. Do not rub the material hard because this could result in loss of color or perhaps damage any nap. By acting quickly, it is not difficult to remove a spill and avoid staining. First, soak up the liquid with an absorbent cloth and scrape off any hardened residue with a spoon. Test stain-removal agents on a hidden area first, to make sure that fabric is not affected. Edge marks can be avoided by dabbing gently in circular motions towards the centre of the stain. It may also be necessary to use a hairdryer to avoid leaving edge marks. Pay extreme care when using solvents, because these could damage the upholstery material beneath the fabric. Always follow the cleaning instructions on the label of the product. In any case, we suggest to dry clean trough a professional cleaning establishment.