Cheese Table (orange)

Cheese Table (orange)


Why is this product especially suited for children as a toy or play furniture?

This product suited for children both as a toy and as a play furniture. The worktop table features invite children to experiment and encourage their imagination simply by playing various activities. Kids like to organize their toys and have items like the lamp and the pen holder that it can be used on the floor or other surfaces. As a furniture it can be use as reading or writing simple table.

  • Made in Italy

  • Strong and stable construction

  • Kids 1-5 years

  • Table size – 60 x 60 x 42 cm

  • One stool included

  • Material: Plywood birch finish and beech solid wood

  • Surface treated with water-based, non-toxic finish

  • 2-4 weeks lead time

Safety recommendations:
Read the instructions before using any of our products. Don’t leave children unattended!
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