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'Play and Furniture, between Adult and Children'


About us

ModuDesigners is a creative collaboration between two friends and designers, Eleonora and Emiliana.

They met two years ago in Singapore while working for different design companies. As they discussed design, kids, and toys, they realized they wanted to begin a project together that could combine their love for design with the world of children.

Turtles, ModuDesigners' first product, was selected for the Superstudio Show at the Salone del Mobile in Milano 2017 when it was still a prototype. The experience of the design week was so exciting and inspired the pair to come up with fresh ideas. They followed their philosophy "Play with Design" as they created additional products which would be excellent in design and function.

JoinJoy, a unique modular shelving system, was developed next. With its simple and elegant design, JoinJoy provides infinite configurations and can be used in virtually any room due to its colorlessness. The Cheese Table, which followed next in production, is a play table that combines learning and play time.

Eleonora and Emiliana enjoy serving not only locals in Singapore but customers around the world. They are proud that their quality products can be passed from one generation to another.


Why we called it ‘Modu’

The name ‘Modu’ comes from M o d u l a r  which means made from a set of separate parts that can be joined together to form a larger project, idea, group of people. Their focus lies within the cross fields of design and architecture, they are passionate in fine arts, texture, cinema, photography and they try to include these aspects in their research.

They believe that any ‘good product’ requires the knowledge of local materials, people and artisans expertise. The blend of these aspects contributes to create a new living space, flexible, connected and ahead of times.



We do what we Love!

We look for inspiration from everyday life, we design when we are inspired, we make modifications when we are not happy of the result, we create many prototypes and finally we have THE Product.

Any product is starting with a narrative process, telling a story and describe a wish of a different ways to see and live a space today.

  • Our products are made for curious minds that love to learn and dream

  • Minimalism and multi-functionality as main scope

  • Well-designed products, with simple production process and fine manufacturing skills

  • We are not compromise quality and safety, even if today Furniture Market is very competitive

  • Each product is designed to develop children’s fine motor skills and to encourage them to be more independent and more creative.