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During the design week in Singapore, ModuDesigners will be co-host at FabCafe (lobby of Art Science Museum), to discuss with other designers and architects about Design for What ...we are looking forward to see you around and share experience and ideas together !!

Razionalmente tutto si racconta in maniera i nostri stati d'animo sono agitati, euforici e in trepidante attesa.

Ci vediamo il 14 Marzo... stay tuned!



It’s Singapore Design Week 2018 and suddenly ‘Design’ has strangely disappeared from the face of the earth. To solve this mystery, we’ve gathered the finest minds* in the field to investigate and diagnose this abnormality. Join us and a curious room of people, as we find ourselves lost and wondering what to do without it. It’s going to be a fun, hilarious ride as we try our best (and fail) to avoid using ‘Design’ in our discussion.

Stick around for the after party with drinks, people, and plenty of hands on opportunity to explore some of the made objects and tools, and discover for yourself this dangerous, delirious mystery.

Featuring serious folks who dissect, create, think, and tinker with:

  • rockets
  • web apps
  • AR
  • furnitures
  • fashion
  • structures, and more
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