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We do what we Love!

We look for inspiration from everyday life, we design when we are inspired, we make modifications when we are not happy of the result, we create many prototypes and finally we have THE Product.

Product for the home with a design and quality that makes you feel something, product that fills a need and it is multi-functional, product that can be used for a long time and not as a seasonal trend.

Part of our design is dedicated to children, because we have children and we love to Interact and Play with them. Each product is designed to develop children’s fine motor skills and to encourage them to be more independent and more creative.


New Launch!

ModuDesigners is very glad to introduce another beautiful piece of its collection.

JoinJoy has high durability made in Plywood with birch veneer finish as result in superior strength and high structural integrity.

JoinJoy made in collaboration with product design company Pivoto1998 based in Kyoto, Japan. This Product is made by Japanese Artisans, piece by piece with hight Quality Production.

Eco-Friendly - to minimize environmental impact and the flat pack nature of joinjoy makes shipping incredibly effective. At the end of the life of the product the wood components can be industrially composted and the connectors can simply be recycled with your municipal recycling service.


About Modu

Based in Singapore – ModuDesigners – is a creative collaboration between Eleonora and Emiliana.

The name ‘Modu’ comes from M o d u l a r  which means made from a set of separate parts that can be joined together to form a larger project, idea, group of people. Our focus lies within the cross fields of design and architecture, we are passionate in fine arts, texture, cinema, photography and we try to include these aspects in our research.



We are committed to produce design that responds to specific needs, dreams and cultural context; any project is starting with a narrative process, telling a story and describe a wish of a different ways to see and live a space today.

  • Our products are made for curious minds that love to learn and dream

  • Minimalism and functionality as main scope

  • Well-designed products, with simple production process and fine manufacturing skills

  • New living space where children and adults can enjoy a comfortable interaction together

  • Today Furniture Market is very competitive, our choice is not to compromise quality and safety, our products are made with of high quality materials that are built to last long